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Hello flowjzh, may I know where to get the info about the trike race such as registration, rules, formats, etc?

Hello! Basically the trike format is same as Tamiya 1/32 mini4wd, which shares motor and battery sizes. All other settings are free to be modified, as long as the trike could be put in the track for racing.

Currently there is no intention for foreign racers to join our annual competition so there are no registration information in English.

I heard that there’re 3 categories in railcar championship, 3 laps, 6 laps & 9 laps…
What are the differences between these 3 categories?


For our annual championship, currently only 3 laps and 9 laps, each lap is made of 41 pieces of straights and 140 piece of curves.

The difference is that for 9 laps race, it requires the motor and batteries to be more robust than the 3 laps one.

Meaning to say, the batteries & the motor must be more durable but more powerful at the same time?

Basically if the batteries & motor are more durable, then it won’t be as powerful as the 3 laps ones.

Our record is ~3 secs for 1 lap of the 3 laps race and ~3.2 secs for 1 lap of the 9 laps race. Robustness, including stability of the chassis is more important for the 9 laps race, which may sacrifice the output power.

60.33 pcs/sec for 1 lap of 3 laps race.

Wow, that is real fast.

My fastest record is only 43.22 pcs/sec.

By the way, may I know the result of the last week race?

Top 3 fastest for the 3 laps and the 9 laps race.


Yeah, this is the fresh new record just made on Oct. 18th. We’ll have the video ready this week.

Sure, the photos and videos requires some post processing and would be ready this week.

May I know which car number that made the new record?

Ok, thank you very much.

Can’t wait to see it.

Dear All… :smile:
Indonesian Championship Nascar Flyover
-Batteries Sanyo 700 mAh
-490 pieces (1lap), Total 1470 pieces (3lap)
-Best Time 35.93 second (3lap)

Hi Mr Tati, nice to know you.

That’s a good lap time too.

May I know is it this year’s event?

I know some of the Indonesian racers such as Irwan Eka Setia of Black Speed, Tito Adithiyo and others.

I bet u know them too.


year 2013
sure :smiley: i know black speed
@skullmetalz from indonesia? or other country?

I see.

Nope, I’m from Malaysia.

I have some of my friends who’re playing nascar in here too.


oh Malay
TIG team :smiley:

Wow, so you know them too?

By the way, this is our fb group link: