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(skullmetalz) #21

This is one of the layouts that we’ve played before.
120 Pieces Of Corners Only

And this is my car.
The chassis is called as Mo-Top, which is made from Thailand.

120 Pieces Of Corners from Malaysia
(Tati Donono) #22

like chinese character track, snake :smiley:
nice chassis…another pictures more?

(skullmetalz) #23

Sure, these are some of the cars from Thailand.

And this chassis name is called as Champion:

(skullmetalz) #24

(小花) #25

The result of last week race has been updated:


(殷师钰) #26

Can I speak Chinese?

(skullmetalz) #27

Thanks for the info

(Tati Donono) #28

tx for pictures

(小花) #29

Should I say I’m surprised to see the dual diamonds logo of Auldey? Is Auldey also popular in Thai / Malaysia?

(Tati Donono) #30

auldey very popular in indonesia for nascar flyover car
auldey : armature/motor, magnet, roller, gear, tube motor
hjh : chassis,armature/motor,magnet,comutator,gear
flash & black motor magnet made in china?

(skullmetalz) #31

No prob.

(skullmetalz) #32

@flowjzh , Auldey has been very popular in Malaysia since 90’s.

(面面 ) #33

哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 卖萌

(Tati Donono) #34

Auldey armature for battery Sanyo 700 mAh motor

Auldey magnet for battery Auldey 1600 mAh motor

HJH Armature

HJH Chassis for nascar flyover car

HJH Comutator for all battery motor

(小花) #35

@skullmetalz @Tati Thank you both for the “history lesson” and seems we share the same road map for 1/32 track car.

We are currently seeking opportunities to make our annual championship global and / or join the championships held in other countries. How do you think if we held a race with representatives from Malaysia, Indonesia, China and even Thailand?

(小花) #36

Auldey is made in China and I believe HJH is a Taiwan company. I met their boss at 2000 when this website is founded. Not sure what’s their status by now.

(Tati Donono) #37

very good idea
i send phone number Indonesian Championship nascar Flyover promoter

(skullmetalz) #38

@flowjzh , you’re welcome.

Wow, that will be great. I’m sure that this would be the most prestigious race ever. Can’t wait to hear it. :smiley:

(小许) #39

for TH AD1600

(skullmetalz) #40

This is very nice.