120 Pieces Of Corners from Malaysia

(skullmetalz) #41

Oh, Happy Chinese New Year to you guys.

The total of the pieces are 264.

And the new record is 52.71 pcs/sec.

(skullmetalz) #42

hello guys, how’re you doing?

by the way, I’m planning to build a 4wd super speed car and the chassis that i’m about to use is the Super-FM.

the problem is i don’t have any idea on how to make the design of the side reinforce plates for it (the length, the height of the front end and the rear end & the thickness).

if you have any blueprints can you share them in here?


(skullmetalz) #43

Hi guys, it’s been a while.
How are you guys doing?
By the way, we’ll be having our fun race next Sunday (3/5/15).

(skullmetalz) #44

Hi guys, what’s up.
It’s been a long time.