120 Pieces Of Corners from Malaysia

(ilove4wd) #21

Hello tcfans , SODA , they dont play reinforced or 補強,their speed already reach bottle neck due to the lacks of parts in malaysia or sabah sarawak。It a quite unique charactis car , but sadly speed still have much more to improve if compare to taiwan and china ,


If u guys can try use this chasis , i think u guys can easy break the speed record

(Tati Donono) #22

soda n sd made in china?
what the name red & yellow chassis?

(skullmetalz) #23

You sounds so familiar. Are you from KL?

(skullmetalz) #24

SD are also from Thailand.

The yellow chassis are from Tianhao.

(小花) #25

Yeah, what a shame I didn’t collect one of them :smile:

(小花) #26

I’m able to watch the video but got no luck to make it embedded in the forum :confused:

Anyway, the speed is really fast comparing the layout we use in China, this layout seems to be more exciting.

(skullmetalz) #27

It’s ok. Maybe the embedded link cannot be used in China, well since Facebook is already banned. You can just download my video, but my car speed in the video isn’t that good enough for you I guess.

Well, we used to play straights and curves, but the layout as in the video is the best ever.

For me it’s not just because of the speed, but the thrill, the challenge & the fun is there.

(skullmetalz) #28

And this is our latest layout that we have just assembled yesterday evening.
This layout will be our tonight’s fun race.

(深圳小夕) #29

I haven’t seen that red chassis,are you sure that this chassis is from china or tai wan?

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(小花) #31

Agreed, the all curve layout is more exciting, even the absolute speed is slower.

(面面 ) #32

HOW I can watch your rideo ?

(skullmetalz) #33

Yup. That’s true.

(skullmetalz) #34

I have no idea how but you can ask @flowjzh to download the video and post it in here.

(深圳小夕) #35

can you give us your vidio‘s name or how can we find it on youtube app?There’s a free vpn on ios

(skullmetalz) #36

Just key in “rodkang” in the youtube search engine.
You will find some videos with my name on it.
And also some videos from some of the Siamese racers.

(小花) #37

Here are the 2 videos from the 2 FB links:



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(skullmetalz) #39

Hi guys, it has been a long time.
How’re you guys doing?

By the way, this is the last year’s race in Thailand dated on 23/11/2014, 264 pieces, 6 laps and the fastest was 30.05 seconds (Panasonic Cadnica 700mAh) made by Team Pattaya RC Boat (PRC).

(小花) #40

The layout seems cool! How many pieces were there?

We are celebrating Chinese New year and also best wishes to our Thai / Malaysia friends.