120 Pieces Of Corners from Malaysia

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@skullmetalz I’m curious about this kind of layout. What’s the record and regulation?

I’ve met some friends at Kuala Lumpur at 2012 and by that time they seem to still playing with Tamiya style. When did the Mo-Top chassis get into Malaysia market?

Tihs chassis is realy cool!
But,are you sure that the body of this car has enough strength with ou reinforce?

@flowjzh , well in Malaysia it depends on the organizer of the race. Most race here are more to time attack & top 16 battle. But I’m more to time attack race only. Like this kind of layout is more to Thailand’s Rodkang race. It’s a 6 laps time attack. Sometimes they play the 9 laps time attack race. The best record in Thai is 50 pcs/sec on Panasonic Cadnica 700mah. My best record was only 43.22 pcs/sec on Sanyo Eneloop Lite. I haven’t tried the Cadnica or TH yet.

The rodkang cars started to came into the Malaysian market around the year 2000.

Well, this chassis can still hold the power output from the Cadnica. But with TH1600 I guess that chassis need to reinforce.

I hope that I can get one~It’s realy cool

I do sell this chassis.

Here are some of the colors that I have:

50 pcs/sec is really amazing for such kind of layout and with the battery. Even 43.22 pcs/sec is cool.

@yinshiyu and I are curious about the tire you and / or the Thai racers use. Is that rubber or sponge?

The wheels, tires, rollers, magnets, & the motor can that I use are from China. The can is from Hot Speed & the magnets are from Tianhao (V2).

Like Thai racers, their tires are made of the sponge sole slippers. And most of them use 21mm rollers.

Unlike mine, I use 19mm teflon rollers for the upper & 18mm alloy rollers for the lower.

what a beautiful desig ! And the black one is very very cool !

SO the problem is coming ~

How man seconds a lap that your‘s car had run ?

And do you have the video ?

We all want to see it !

How many。。。。。。。。。seconds a lap that your‘s car had run ?

@CREATE Estimated about 2.75-2.77 seconds per lap.

My videos are all on Facebook.

I have a video the video recorded was not my best record.

Is it ok if I just paste the link into here?

Nice chassis and look good [quote=“skullmetalz, post:12, topic:148”]
My videos are all on Facebook.

I have a video the video recorded was not my best record.

Is it ok if I just paste the link into here?

Facebook is banned in China so even if you post the link, most of Chinese users can’t view it. Our forum software do support facebook links and you can post here in case some of us (like me :smile:) get access to it.

If you have the original files, I’ll be happy to post them on video hosting site in China.

Aha…slippers…Thats one of the rumor I’ve heard since 2000 and willing to see what’s the speed it can achieve.

So is the tire you use (orange one) from Tianhao?

I’m not sure whether it’s from Tianhao or not, but the tires that I’m using are exactly like this:

Here’s the video:


O.K. this should be one of those BT tires, produced by @shayulang

The video link seems to be broken since it can not be viewed directly from the browser. Maybe you can post the FB page link instead?

And also the wheels are exactly the same either.

Here’s the Facebook link:

And this is one of the videos from Thailand (96 Pieces, 6 Laps, 46.71 Pcs/Sec On Sanyo Cadnica 700):