Indonesian Championship Nascar Flyover

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Runway pictures, straights too much, too little corners. Therefore, this speed is not fast.

It’s unfair to compare the speed here since this is the record made with Sanyo 700mAh.
Our 9 laps race have nearly same sizes and the fresh new record is 55.37 pieces / second, with Auldey 1600mAh.

@Tati could you please let us know other regulations / procedure of the Indonesian Championship.

welcome to our famliy.

yup… just sharing :smiley:
don’t mean compare best time china & indonesia… because the character track very different.
Indonesia : very long straight, rotating oval like a real nascar car track & change lanes.
China : character track huge curves… like snake :smile:

Indonesian Championship Nascar Flyover regulations :
*Year 2011-2013 :
-Each team/car must use battery Sanyo 700 mAh
-3 lap
-3 car start (together)

*Year 2014
-Each team/car must use battery Sanyo Eneloop 1000 mAh
-3 lap
-3 car start (together)

Acturally, we are calling it Dragon King :smile:

And what if the car fail to finish 3 laps? Does the racer get another chance?

the winners …car finishthe first on 3 laps…so must be completed 3 laps.
1 ticket = 1 chance/start (if win, can follow next stage)
1 team can buy max 60 ticket
Friday = elimination (600 start/race)
Saturday = stage 1-4
Sunday = stage 5-6 quarter-final - semi final - final

ICNF 1 Year 4-5 round
1 Nov 2014 Final Round at Surabaya City (Indonesia)
followed by 2 countries, Indonesia & Malaysia
I will announce the results of championship :smile:

photo winning direct driven car is ready? shoot with nikon d610.hahaa…

May I know what does ICNF stand for and / or who’s the founder / maintainer?

The photos are still being processed and should be ready by this weekend.

no founder …nascar flyover just fan groups of mini 4wd in Indonesia, but each of the championship series of existing sponsors and promoters (sanyo etc)
nascar flyover named because it is like a nascar track car and use the lane flyover

The track is making me crazy…
Why do these car use S1 and little guilding-wheels?

what S1,chassis?
small wheels bottom to brake/reduce speed on the way up flyover/change line

why don’t you use other chassis or frame( skeleton)car?

in Indonesia not yet to sell chassis like chinese car :smile:
I am dying to try it

The photos and video of the winner is now ready:

Not sure if the video is viewable from other countries. If not, I may consider to setup a youtube link.

The video is cannot be viewed

@flowjzh tx a lot for detail pictures & video :smile:

please detail pictures this car :

Sorry, no details for these 2. The photo is taken with limited time after the race and the cars belong to the racer. I could ask them to provide the details if they are willing to.

@Bill @zhaoyuming 你们能发一些车的细节图片么?

@flowjzh , can you upload the videos on youtube?

Sure I will. However, since both Youtube and Facebook are banned in China, this may take some time. Will keep you updated.

Whoa, I don’t know about that.

Ok, thanks a lot.